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Building Kid Friendly Lightsabers

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Hi Disney Lovers! My name is Emily Hogan, and I am a travel agent for Enchanting Escapes. I just recently got back from a trip to Disney, and I wanted to share a FUN experience that my family recently had at Hollywood Studios building lightsabers!

Since the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, Hollywood Studios has become one of my children’s favorite parks. Before we travel, we always watch the series on Disney+. My kids love pretending to be their favorite members of the Jedi and Darkside in preparation. They practice battles at home frequently with lightsabers purchased years ago at our local superstore. Those light sabers are absolutely worn out from the number of battles they have endured over the years. They needed to be replaced, and we found a definite upgrade to the basic light sabers while at Disney.

My kids are elementary aged and are not responsible enough to build a fancy light saber at Savi’s Workshop. Plus, this mama wasn’t ready to drop $200 on each lightsaber just to be destroyed in a day from misuse

There is a gift shop at the end of the Star Tours ride in Hollywood studios where you can build custom toy lightsaber. These lightsabers are more durable, kid friendly, and a fraction of the cost of the higher end lightsabers offered at Savi’s. I was pleasantly surprised that this store was up and running post COVID-19 park reopening. When my children saw this section of the store their eyes lit up. They each had spending money provided by grandparents, and they quickly decided this is where they wanted to spend it.

Creating their Lightsabers

A cast member greeted us and helped my little Jedi make the light sabers of their dreams. Each child got to select a blade color of their choice. Then they picked several different custom pieces for the handle. They could combine light and dark side features on the same lightsaber. The cast member helping us wore gloves and a mask the entire time and handed the pieces off of a tray to my children after they pointed out the pieces that they wanted for their lightsaber. They carefully picked out each piece and assembled it in the store. This experience allowed each child created a one of a kind lightsaber. It only cost a little over $30 per lightsaber, and it was worth every penny.

My children were super proud to carry their new creations around the park and show them off to new friends. We also used them for fun photo ops around the park. I heard many kids say, “Mama I want a lightsaber like that!” or “I have never seen one like that.” Later that evening we rode the Skyliner back to our resort and they battled with their new lightsabers the entire way back in the skies. This stage of life is crazy as a mom with littles, but this day at Disney was sure fun. Just writing this, I am smiling because I can picture that fun moment with my family.

Since we have returned home, the lightsabers have held up very well despite rough use. My kids still play with them often. My daughter can’t wait until her school’s show and tell so she can take it to show her classmates. My children still see this as one of their favorite parts of this past trip.

If you have preschool through elementary age children, you NEED to do this! I hope that you will have the opportunity make sweet memories with your family at Disney like we did. If you would like more tips on doing Disney with littles, I would love to help. I have great ideas and experiences that are age appropriate at every park.

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