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Our agents have been trained by Universal and are all Universal Travel Specialists. We will help you find the most perfect resort for your party. We can also walk you through the different ticket options available, and help you find the right ticket for your trip. There are some amazing resorts walkable to the theme parks, and others nearby that have some wonderful amenities.  Universal often has some great ticket and room discounts that we can help you secure in addition to the Early Morning Harry Potter Park Access. 


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Our Services Include

  • Specially Trained Travel Professional who will advocate on your behalf

  • Room reservations

  • Ticket reservations

  • Universal’s Unlimited Express Reservations

  • Dining Plan or Dinner Reservations

  • Flight or Rental Car reservations

  • Universal shared or private transfer options

  • Vip Tour Reservations

  • Celebrations - We help you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and more!

  • Special reservations like Halloween Horror Nights, Blue Man Group, or  spa reservations.

  • Emails timed based on your travel dates with important Universal information and travel updates

  • Access to your travel agent via phone/text/email to answer questions

  • Travel Packet with printed travel documents and trip itinerary

  • Much more!

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